Hello! When I last left you in our guest room, it was looking like this…


We hadn’t done a thing to it since moving in last summer, except to put a bed in the room as well as two Ikea dressers that were originally in Chace’s nursery.

It sat this way for many months, not being much of a priority, BUT guests due to arrive from England in April sure bumped it up the list. It needed some love – big time.

Back in January I shared a mood board in this post.

Well, since April has come and gone (and with it our lovely guests) I am happy to say our room no longer looks like the first two photos.

Ta da!

As you can see, I stayed relatively close to my original vision. I was going for a beachy seaside type vibe. I took my inspiration literally from the fact that I wanted to use the dressers (a sandy tone), and knew I was going to paint the walls a light grey. Our carpet is a also a brown tone so I blended those all together in my mind and this is what I came up with.

A few things did change, but generally speaking it all came together as I’d originally planned. Let’s get closer and I’ll break it all done for you.

On the right side of the bed we have a new nightstand, art and a bit of decoration. I wanted to keep the  room clean and uncluttered so that guests would have room to spread out and make the space their own.

The nightstands are these simple Ikea Hemnes ones. I love how they are light, airy and seem perfectly coastal/seaside to me. I set up an alert on Craigslist so I was able to score one for $25! A second one did not show up, so the week before our guests arrived I bought it for regular price at the store.
The wall colour is “Touch of Grey” by CIL. That was a fun five nights.

The little trio on the nightstand consists of an old lamp that we’ve had for about ten years. It’s the “Grono” lamp from Ikea and they actually still carry it.
The mason jar with sand and a tealight is from Save-On-Foods of all places. It came in a set of two and caught my eye while I was grocery shopping on one of my lunch breaks. Inspiration really is everywhere!
The little leaf bowl is another piece that I’ve had for-eva. I can’t remember where I got it, or even how I came to own it, but I love it. It’s the perfect place for guests to put their rings and necklaces at the end of the day.


To complete this vignette I hung a beachy art print in a frame I already had (remember this from our last house?). I found the artwork on minted.com.

This one is called ‘float’. It’s a bit hard to see through the glass (well, plastic) but here is a closer look.

On the other side of the bed we have the same night stand, lamp and sandy candle holder. Here I also made a Wifi sign so that our guests could surf in their seaside retreat.

If you’d like your own, I made a free printable that you can download here. It is sized for a 5″ x 7″ frame.

I found the amazing frame at Homesense. Obsessed.

You may have have noticed that the curtains are quite different then the ones I had in the mood board. Turns out, those were actually a cream background rather than white. I read a lot of the reviews and people said over and over again that the colours were much different then the photos showed. I decided to go a different route and think I am happier with the new direction anyway. The ONLY thing that really bugs me, is the lack of 95″ curtain options. These are only 84″ (like 95% of the curtains out there). Ideally these should be hung higher, but it is what it is. The cabana stripe really spoke to me… and if there is one thing you should always do, it’s listen to talking curtains (weird).
They are these ones from Sears (the colour is “toasted wheat”).

The curtain rods were a crazy find. $10 each at Homesense.

If we keep looking up, we see that Operation-Replace-All-The-Booblights was succcessful in this room. I don’t have a link online but it is similar to this light fixture here.

Another amazing find at Homesense was this $25 circular mirror. I love the rope detail. Perfect for the beachy vibe of this room. I really wanted a mirror so that guests could have some privacy while getting ready.

Reflected above in the mirror is yet ANOTHER great Homesense find. I found the large canvas on clearance for $38 (say what!?) and it is the perfect piece to bring all my colours together in the room.

On top of the dresser I’ve used an old white lantern that I got at Real Canadian Superstore years ago. Beside that I have the cutest little faux grass plant. It is from Ikea – the plant is the Fejka and the little tin pot is the Socker.

Above the other dresser I have an alarm clock, a white sea shell vase/pot and two more minted.com prints.

The aptly named “Play the Day Away” …

And this one called “The Beach”.

The bedding was a birthday present to me (from me).Well, I picked it out and then pretty much said to ChefKev “can I get this for my birthday?”. No reason to spend money on another gift when we wanted this for the house. The bedding I chose was this one from Wayfair.
And surprisingly enough, it was just what I wanted. How did I know?

The gorgeous nubbly blanket/throw was a gift from a friend. All the heart eyes.

To let our guests know how happy we are that they are here, I like to leave out fresh towels and a guest basket. It’s a little touch that I think goes a long way to making people feel welcome.

In the basket I like to have shampoo and conditioner, soap, loofas, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, mouth rinse, hand cream and razors. Basically anything a guest might have left at home or run out of if travelling. I always like to include bottled water too so that they have some on hand if needed.

So there we have it! One completed guest room. Well, almost complete. One thing I hadn’t thought of was a hook for robes and/or damp towels. I have found the perfect ones but I’ve yet to hang them. I will post about them when I do though.

 Stay in touch and follow along…