Chef Kev’s recreation room (or “man cave” as some may say) needs help. We haven’t done anything to the room since we moved in this past summer and it’s time to show it some love. Manly love of course. So, we’re going to be a dude and bromance this space.

Eventually we are going to take over our whole lower level and make a large media/recreation room (part of the basement is currently a suite). The future reno will be a big one, so won’t happen for awhile. Until then, we definitely want to infuse a little character into Chef Kev’s space and make it look better then it does currently.

The room does not have much natural light since it’s in the basement which isn’t a big problem really, as the room is mostly used for TV watching. However, it still feels drab and dull.

Here are a few photos that I shared in my “settling in” post back in the Fall.

Well, this just can’t work the way it is. Sure, it’s moderately functional but… Oh but. The mustard walls and brown painted doors and trim sneer at me each time I walk downstairs. I sneer back mind you, but they are still #winning. SO, I did what any person who claims a wall is sneering does… I made a plan to change it!

Here is a mood board of where we are going…

1) artwork – I have some AMAZING vintage London Underground posters that my mother-in-law gave me. I plan to frame those and get them up. I also have some awesome English pub trays too which will definitely find a home here (Did I mention Chef Kev’s family is British)?

2) industrial shelves – will add a masculine touch plus provide room for storage. Something like these ones (shown above).

3) a manly clock or something along those lines. The one in the mood board is from here.

4) bookshelves to go in the weird ‘nooks’.

5) our existing sectional

6) our existing TV – we’d like to update our TV stand too (not shown)

7) farmhouse style coffee table – I’d like to redo a Craigslist find with a rustic treatment (reference photo)

8) paint! – a light grey on the walls and a dark charcoal in the media alcoves. And the trim, all getting a fresh coat of white paint.

So this is the vision for where we are heading. As you can probably tell, I’m going for a rustic, masculine space. Everything Chef Kev needs to drink his beer in peace. I mean watch hockey. No, I mean drink his beer. Actually, I mean drink his beer and watch hockey in peace.

Until I come down. Bwwaaa haa haa.

AND, the best part? The painting has started! I will post an update soon!

Stay in touch and follow along…