They’d look like this! Get it? Frosty? Ho ho… oh.

Since 2002 I try to hold an annual Christmas Craft night each year (see some past crafts here and here) where I invite a bunch of my favourite ladies over to drink wine, eat nibblies, gab and make a Christmas craft. It is a really fun night which always kickstarts the Christmas season in a festive way. I strive to hold it at the end of November or the beginning of December each year so that my friends can enjoy their crafts all December long. 
To prepare for the night, I plan out the craft, do a trial (to make sure my random idea can actually be executed), and then purchase the supplies for each crafter so that when they show up, their little bundle of craft supplies is waiting! I always try to keep the cost economical – striving to come in at $25 or less for the craft.
This year (as you may have guessed) we are making the frosted vases above.
Here are the supplies used should you want to make your own!
To start, using a laser printer, print the template with the snowman, reindeer and Christmas tree onto your removable label stock. It is important to use a removable stock versus a permanent one so that you can easily peel it from the glass vase when done.
Once that is complete, cut out each shape and adhere them to your vases. 
Thirdly, tape a strip of scotch tape around the top rim of each vase. It does not need to be one long piece, it is actually easier to do with this part with smaller, more manageable pieces.
From here, take your vases to a well-ventilated place (such as the garage) to apply the ‘frosting’. Place them upside down on a piece of cardboard or an old newspaper. Spray one light coat, wait for 20 minutes and then spray a second light coat.
Once dry, remove the shapes and taped rim and your vases will look like this.
Place a small bead of glue along the line where the frosting meets the clear area where the tape was. Adhere your fringe trim.
Add a tealight candle to each and you are done. Enjoy!

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