I did a little bit of refreshing on the ‘ol mantel. It was time to (literally) lighten up. As in, all things WHITE!

I like the simple, clean and understated approach that using only white elements offers.

My Spring mantel was still relevant (since it is still Spring), but had a lot of Easter influence so it was time to shake it up a bit.

Since my last few mantels have been quite full, I wanted something a little less dense this time – and with an airier feeling about it. Plus I think I was inspired by my new curtains :). It’s the first mantel I’ve done since I installed them and I think the graphic nature of them (and the colour palette) led me in this direction.

I used what I already had on hand, and the elements themselves are quite simple. First I took a white frame and framed some shells photos that I got from ‘google images’. To tone them down a bit (keeping with the light, white feeling) I actually put a white box over them (in my design program – Adobe Indesign) and set the opacity to 25%. Basically what that did was make the shells a softer colour. Then I just printed it out on my colour laser printer.

The decorative scroll plaque is actually one that I got from a consignment store and spray painted white to use in my outdoor garden wall awhile back. It was sitting unused in my outside storage bin since I haven’t put all my outdoor decor up yet.

This candle holder is one I’ve had for years I lovingly call it my ‘swiss cheese holder’. As you can imagine, it makes a funky circle pattern when the candle inside is lit.

And lastly are these tree bark vases that I got back in the fall. I have used them on every mantel since I purchased them. (Seriously, check it out: Fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring)  I love the shape and finish – and even love them without flowers in them. I often use them just by themselves ‘as is’.

So that’s it. Clean. Simple. Nothing fancy.

I think it compliments the new curtains, panelled wall and art above the couch. What do you think?

What about you guys? Get up to any refreshing around your house lately? And new mantels? If so, I bet you can safely say you didn’t use any swiss cheese or bark on yours… which is a lot more than I can say ;).

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