This year we are seeing double!

The trees (yes plural) are up and this year we have the family version…

And the little three-and-a-half-year-old variety…

I don’t mean that the tree is three and a half but rather the tree picker is. No offense tree – your age is hard to tell.

Like last year we headed out to a local tree farm to do the ‘u cut’ experience. And again – like last year – we fell in love with one of the ones they had already cut so choose that as our big family tree!

No Belle (our dog) this year as she was actually at the vet getting some stitches for a cut she got while playing with some other dogs – ouch!

However, UNlike last year, Chace got HIS own tree.

While Daddy tied the big-un to the roof of our car, Mommy and Chace went out searching.

Chace found one and picked it out all by himself.

Then got grumpy when I tried to take a picture of him with it.

I eventually got Pouty to smile though.

After Pouty had turned into Cheesy, Daddy came back and they began the task of cutting down Chace’s little tree.

It wasn’t long before Daddy was informed by his foreman that he needed a hand with that task.

All done!

Daddy needed some help trimming off the bottom branches (sidenote – I think he could have probably handled it himself but don’t tell Chace).

And then came the obligatory pose with mommy who has annoying camera fetish picture.

Mommy thanks you for humouring her (insert eye roll #they’llthankmelater).

Once we took them home and decorated them we were left with these beauts!

And yes, Chace decorated his own tree which meant we were graced with awesome toddler ornament spacing like this…

And this…

That squirrel is pretty brave to be sticking his nose all up in Abominables’ bidness like that.

As charming as that all was, mommy used her restraint and gave her ornaments a bit more breathing room on the big tree.

I mean come on, how could I not? That thing is so freakin’ huge we had to borrow the neighbour and lop off the top just to get it inside (#thanksDonnely).

This is the part where I’m glad Chef Kev does not have access to writing my posts as he’d add all kinds of comments here about me ‘hiding’ his ornaments at the back of the tree because they don’t match my ornaments…

Your honour, I cannot confirm nor deny.

They’re on there. You just have to look a little harder. Perhaps.

Get up to any fun adventures while getting your tree this year? Do you have a theme or is it “come one, come all”? Anyone bought a toddler version for the first time? Could be the start of a little tradition šŸ™‚ I must admit, It’s my fave of the two…

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