Are you ready for a relatively underwhelming post full of a lot of pictures? Well then you’ve come to the right place! This isn’t flashy folks, just a slice of what’s been going on over here.

And don’t let the bathroom reference scare you off. There is nothing stinky here – pun intended.

We bought our place back in 2006. It wasn’t new so of course was previously painted to the old owners taste. Surprisingly enough (for a paint freak like me) the spare bathroom upstairs has remained largely untouched since then. It’s nothing special but was clean and did the trick. The paint colour was neutral and the space wasn’t used as often as our other three (yes – three-no-fun-to-clean) bathrooms.

Since Chace came along a little over 3 1/2 years ago it has been used much more. Especially now that he’s a walkin’ talkin’ potty-trained, hand washing, tooth brushing toddler. Used MUCH more.

So let me share some un-earth shattering mini updates that I’ve done in that room.

Here is a picture I took back when we were touring the house before purchasing it. Behold, the bathroom in all it’s brassy glory – and what I said as I took the photo bottom left…

I’ll admit it stayed that way for awhile after we moved in but eventually that bossy brassy shower door got the boot! And this would also be a good time to say again that you really can get rid of ANYTHING by listing it for free on Craigslist. Thanks Craig. I love you and your list.

So, after I was done yanking out the shower door the room looked more like this…

To seal up the few holes left behind by where the brass frame was drilled in to the tile I used some small plastic plugs which I sealed with clear silicone.

A tension rod and new shower curtain later and we had left the 90’s. Yeeha. Sorry Paula Abdul, we had to part eventually.

And I added this cute little pebble mat so that similarly little feet had some grip while getting in and out of the tub.

The bathroom vanity is your basic builders vanity but again, serves the purpose and is in good shape.

BUT, I had two knobs from our old house and two other that I bought EONS ago – seriously, so long ago I was surprised the package listed a website – at a home décor shop for $1 each (clearance bin). I’ve been carrying these around forever and finally put them to use!

After some unscrewing and re-screwing those white knobs were gonzo!

I love the little swirl details on these ones…

And how awesome are these!? I still love them all these years later. It’s true knob love.


And now that I have a little step-stool-standing hand washer on my, well, hands, I thought this bare span of wall could benefit from a hand towel rack.

I had picked up the “Lillhommen” from Ikea in the summer (back when I returned something too late and could only get a credit note) but had yet to install it so finally did so last week.

It was easy. First I searched for a stud (no, not Chef Kev –  har dee har har) but mine was not in the right spot for this project so I marked where I needed to drill…

drilled two holes where marked, hammered in my drywall anchors…

drilled in the base hardware…

hooked the hand towel rack onto the base hardware…

and tightened the ‘invisible’ screw.

Move over Mike Holmes.

Ta Da!

And here it is with clothes on. Not Mike Holmes, the towel rack.

Now Chace doesn’t have to hop down off his stool and cross the bathroom to dry his hands. He can reach this one from his perch atop his little step stool.

Speaking of towel racks, our other one has a simple art print above it that came along with us when we moved. I bought it years ago but still think it has some neat charm.

And nothing says “charm” (cough.sarcasm) better than a bunch of kids toys. At least they are wrangled.

I’m just kidding. They are charming.

And bright.

And last but not least, Chace’s little ‘C’ towel hook which I simply attached to the back of the door using a 3M picture hanging strip.

The C hook now proudly holds Chace’s little froggy towel.

Now THAT is charming 🙂

So there you go. One basic albeit functional bathroom with some mini updates that make it just a bit more special.

What about you? Any little updates that go a long way? Drilled any new knobs lately? That sounds kind of gross but I think you know what I mean? If not, focus on the frog towel. That will distract you just long enough for you to move on.