We had some people over for a BBQ recently and decided to take the opportunity to liven up the deck a bit. Make it a bit more cosy and pretty (Yipeeeee!).

After a particularly rainy westcoast Spring and start to Summer our deck wasn’t really in it’s finest form. A bit too grungy, a bit too dirty and way too drab.

It was like wood invited wood over and threw a wood party. And then mildew and moss showed up and crashed that party…

So after some fantastic deck scrubbing by Chef Kev and some decorating by yours truly we were ready to have some friends over to our ‘new’ cleaner, brighter deck.

The biggest impact was made from our new outdoor rug. (We got it at Canadian Tire for those interested).

Hanging right above that is the chandelier I refinished last summer. It ties in nicely.

Chef Kev and Mini Chef Kev have their own BBQ areas.

Here is the view as you step out onto the deck. You can see the planters I redid last summer along the right hand side. As well as the herb gardens I refinished last year hanging above them.

You can see how much cleaner the deck is above. And the storage bins below now shine. Ahhhh….

On the table are a few candles and hanging from the umbrella is my favourite funky orb tealight holder.

And what is a BBQ without tiki torches!? I got these from Candian Tire as well, and love the dark espresso finish and chevron inspired weave.

So that is it! A refreshed deck that is oh-so-refreshing to relax in. I love it out here so much that I might actually be sitting here right now writing this blog post. Yup. I am. πŸ™‚

Have a great long weekend everyone! I hope the time off finds you on a deck with a nice cold beverage in hand.

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