Mommy (me): Okay Chacey, now remember, it’s a secret. This is a special project for Daddy. It’s Father’s Day tomorrow.

Chace (my 3 year old): okay mommy (excited giggle).

Kevin (Chef Kev) – from the hallway: Send Chace out, I want to give him a kiss goodbye. Heading out to do some errands…

Mommy: Ssssh, don’t tell Daddy. Let me wipe the paint off your hands first.

< door open and close as he goes to Daddy > 

Daddy: Bye buddy. Are you having fun doing your special secret project?

Chace: Yes Daddy. I painting. I PAINTING ROCKS!

< Daddy laughter > 

Aaand there it is.

Want to be let in on a little secret? Chace made Daddy a special rock for Father’s Day.

I bet you can’t tell that he painted it himself? Well he did. But mommy might have helped with the tag and string tying.

We had so much fun that he made one for Papa (my dad) and Pop-pops (Kevin’s dad) too!

The idea was set in motion after reading this over on one of my favourite blogs – and Chace put his own spin on it… with a bit of help from Mommy.

First up I lightly sprayed the tops of the rocks white. I didn’t coat them entirely as I wanted some of the rock to still show through but thought the white would be a nice base colour. In the end I don’t think I really needed this step though.

Once those dried, Chace and Mommy went into seclusion and the real fun began. I had thought that sticking to a colour palette for each rock would be good idea so that it didn’t just become a sea of swampy brown on each rock. Mix a bunch of colours together and that is what you get… So, started with the idea of an orange rock, a green rock and a blue one. Chace chose which colour and which rock Daddy, Papa and Pop-pops would get. The fourth rock was there as back up incase we messed up or I needed to show him what to do.

But nope. My kid is a pro and got straight to work.

There it is – the tongue out. Concentration at it’s cutest.

This was serious bidness. Brushes needed to be rinsed and wiped between each colour…

Sidenote: How cute are those P.J.’s? They are surfboards but for some reason Chace thought they were popcicles.


And then we had our three rocks painted.

So Chace moved onto the fourth and said he wanted to do it for himself.

And went to town…

I didn’t bother policing any paint mixing because paint + 3 year old = what’s the point.

But then I noticed it made some pretty funky art in it’s own right.

Speaking of artists, my little Picasso was having a great time being neat and tidy.

And yes, that is blurry black paint on his nose and lip.

almost done…

Assessing the situation once he finished his rock, Chace decided that Daddy, Papa and Pop-pop’s rocks needing some revisiting.

“more paint mommy, more paint”

Satisfied with his rockin’ (ha. get it?) creations Chace started helping Mommy clean up.

And the finished trio looked like this! I wrapped coloured string around each and tied a simple knot. No girly bows for Daddy! Mommy made a tag, cut it down and punched a hole for the string. Chace was so proud. And so he should be. Mommy is too.

The rocks were a big hit. And Chace’s little boulder was just as successful.

So what about you? Any budding artist stories? Rock painting? Spilled secrets? Dish. You know Chace would have (worst secret keeper ever). But he’s adorable so forgiven before he even opened his mouth.

Happy (belated) Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.

Chace has a pretty awesome Dad and now Daddy has the rock to prove it.

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