modern classic baby boy nursery mood board

I’ve been keeping a little secret. A secret that grows bigger and bigger every day. That’s right – we’re expecting! I wasn’t keeping it under wraps on purpose, just that the days and the weeks have gone by and when I’ve blogged it’s been about Chace’s bedroom makeover. It just hasn’t come up – until now!

Here is what I have in mind to make a serene little oasis for our newest addition, arriving in April. Oh, and it’s ANOTHER boy! 🙂

This baby will be taking over our guest room. Those who have been folllowing for awhile may recall that I redid it last Spring in anticipation of our guests from England arriving.

My vision for the nursery was to keep it fresh, light, airy and have touches of ‘boy’. Nothing too serious but nothing overly babyish either. Just a nice calm space that could grow with our little guy.

I plan on reusing quite a lot of elements from this room so all that work on the guest room was not for not! I’ll explain more in detail below as I walk you through the mood board.

1) The Cabana stripe drapes (which I love) will be staying. Unfortunately I can’t link to them as they are from Sears which is closing.

2) We will be keeping the light fixture that we installed when we updated the guest room (similar to this one here).

3) This art melts my heart. It is so quirky, cute and adorable and I just can’t get enough of it. I plan on choosing three or so animals (that giraffe is my fave) and using them around the room.

4) We will be reusing Chace’s crib which is very similar to the one pictured.

5) The two dressers used in the guest room (originally used in Chace’s nursery) are from the MALM series sold at Ikea. Since there is a recall on them, we plan to return them and purchase this single dresser instead. It will double as a change table as well.

6) I plan on mixing and matching patterns (for exapmple, in the change pad cover) to add some texture, visual interest and layering to the nursery.

7) WAY back, I purchased a white wooden glider off Craigslist for Chace’s nursery. It was $40! It didn’t come with cushions so I purchased some at the time from Pier One. We didn’t know we were having a boy so they were more colourful and floral then would suit this space. BUT, my friend borrowed the chair for her two boys that were born inbetween Chace and this little one and her mom made some adorable blue check pattern pillows for the chair during that time. Since she is almost done with it, the chair is coming home closer to the baby’s due date and she’s graciously alllowed me to use the cushions as well. That $40 chair sure was a good investment! It’s gotten a lot of mileage!

8) For the change station I plan on using some little canvas baskets (similar to this style) to again, add more texture and interest.

9) The paint will stay the same as what we used for the guest room.

So, that’s it! Some little plans for a little guy. Now we just need a name. Luckily we have about 13 more weeks to decide.

Oh, and here is a pic I posted on my Instagram three weeks back as we celebrated the start of 2017. Baby bumpin’!

TGIF everyone. Have a great weekend.