create a functional closet for a kid

Chace’s bedroom closet needed some SERIOUS help. When I embarked on his bedroom refresh it was high on my hit list.

After settling in and living here with what was present when we bought the house, the closet was looking like this:

This room used to belong to a teenage boy which I think would explain the organizational system? But, to my seven-year-old, this closet had many problems from a functional stand point.
1) The small shelves on the left were installed upside down. That meant there was a ‘lip’ in front so you had to slide things on and off the shelf from the side. Awkward.
2) The small angled shelves (probably meant for shoes) weren’t useful. They didn’t store toys or books well and Chace doesn’t store his shoes in his room.
3) Chace could not reach the top shelf at all
4) The bar to hang clothes was too high for Chace so getting him to put his clothes away in this closet was literally impossible.

Now, we see a much more functional use of space.

My dad came to help and I snapped a few photos of him in action.


Thanks Dad!

My plan? To leave the existing top shelf where it was and store things that Chace didn’t need to reach there. I also wanted to add two more shelves below it for his toys, as well as a low level hanging bar so that he could hang up his shirts himself.

Kevin or I put Chace’s clothes out for him the night before so that he can get dressed by himself in the morning. To make it a bit easier to keep organized, I put the long sleeved shirts on the right and the short sleeved ones on the left. And yes, I might have organized them by colour too #itsasickness.

This would be more indicative of Chace’s view. The top shelf holds things Chace doesn’t need to access by himself (old school projects, blankets and some of my paint supplies).

And there we have it. This kid’s closet transformed from dysfunctional hot mess to organized oasis. That might be a stretch but it sounds good right?

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