custom ikea desk

Chace’s modern farmhouse bedroom redo is still coming along nicely and now, this kid can do his grade two homework in style! We recently added a new desk to his lair – a custom design from Ikea (yes, custom…. from Ikea) Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not today folks.

If you’re new to the game you may want to check out these previous posts in order to catch up on what’s been going on in Chace’s room so far: mood board, wallpaper and paint, loft bed refinishing.

When I started, the corner of his bedroom where the desk would go looked like this:

But now, it looks like this!

And don’t worry, I fixed that nonsense going on in the closet but that’s for another post.

To create the desk, I turned to Ikea and came up with a custom solution. YES – a custom solution from Ikea! To design this desk I used three components – the HILVER table top (which is bamboo), the ALEX drawer unit in grey and the LERBERG leg in grey as well.

I also chose the RASKOG stool because it was extremely cost effective ($29 – yes!) and the teal colour tied into the dresser and bedding.

I love the bamboo work surface and think the bevelled edge helps make the desk look higher end than it is. I’m impressed with the simplicity yet elegance of it.

The big wooden “CHACE” letters were a find at Michaels. Because I am cheap (well, on a tight budget anyway) I bought each one individually on different days so that I could use my weekly 40% or 50% off coupon. #thrifty.

The lamp is the RANARP lamp (also from Ikea) and is actually the same as the two we use in the office but in a different shade. I was going to get the black and gold one here but Chace was with me when shopping and really wanted this finish instead. #kidsgotanopinion

The round mirror in the corner actually started out as a very light minty green. I had purchased it as one of two options when doing our guest room, but ended up using the other mirror that was a contender there instead. I never returned this one as it was a great deal and I knew I’d use it somewhere eventually. It was perfect for this space but the colour wasn’t ideal, so I sprayed it matte black with some leftover spray paint that I had on hand.

To top off the desk I corralled all of Chace’s crayons and markers into some glass vases I had as well as come empty soup cans (sharp edges filed down and labels removed of course) and now my little man has a cool spot to do his drawing and homework… and puzzles.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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