annie sloan chalk paint on bed

When I last left you in Chace’s “modern farmhouse bedroom redo” we had the faux wood wallpaper installed and the walls painted. If you are new, you can catch up on the vision for this space by reading about the mood board here.

However, before that I shared the hand me down loft bed that we inherited from a friend whose son had outgrown it.

Well, after the wallpaper, wall paint and two coats of chalk paint on the bed, this same view now looks like this!


Yay for progress! The paint I used was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which in my experience, is the best chalk paint out there. I’ve used it before to refinish the teal dresser you see on the left and used a lesser quality brand (never again!) to refinish our dining room hutch.
For those not familiar with chalk paint, you can learn more about it here but basically it is an amazing paint that dries quickly, leaves virtually no brush marks, is VERY easy to work with (no sanding or stripping your furniture beforehand) and cleans up in a breeze. Also, the soft wax that you use over the paint as a finishing/curing step leaves your project with a subtle ‘satin’ finish that I really like.
image source


The colour I chose is called Graphite and is a nice charcoal grey.
Application was easy. I just used a regular paint brush (as seen sitting on the top of the can).

And here is how it looked after (almost) one coat.

I did two coats for a nice even finish and followed up with one coat of the finishing/curing soft wax.

You can probably tell by the swirl marks that you apply the wax in a circular motion (this type of brush really helps with this step) and then you go back over it and buff with a soft cloth to blend it in and remove the excess wax. It sounds a bit laborious but is really quite a quick and easy step. There are many video tutorials out there but here is a link to a popular one if you would like to see this process in action.
After that, it was done!

Another thing that we’ve added recently is the industrial cage light. This allows Chace to read in bed if he’d like! I still have to get a “cable hide” channel (a strip of plastic that sticks to the wall and cleans up the look of the dangling cord) but for some reason when I went for them, all the stores had them on back order. Weird.


Since we can’t have a bedside table with this kind of bed, it was important to get a light that could be mounted on the wall AND had an on/off switch on the base.

I really like how it looks against the faux wood panelling.


The large circular button (centre bottom) turns the light on and off.

Now that Chace has a loft bed, he can lounge under it and read on his soccer bean bag chair. A much cooler location than the previous corner it resided in…

And finally, the endless stuffy stash now too has a home! I grabbed a slouchy laundry basket from Homesense (I just turn the “laundry” word to the back so it isn’t seen) and that too lives under the loft bed.

We’ve done a few more things in here too which I plan to share soon. It’s coming together!

Stay in touch and follow along…