Wood Panelling Wallpaper
Chace’s bedroom makeover is coming along slowly but surely. Recently we completed a key element of his room – the faux wood wallpaper! If you are new to this discussion, feel free to get caught up here where I went over my vision for his room and shared all my ideas via the mood board below.

Today we are here to talk about the wallpaper though! I came across this amazing faux wood wallpaper from Lowes and thought it would be the perfect addition to the modern farmhouse room that I wanted to create for my little guy. I planned on flipping it on its side though #horizontalforthewin

But let’s back up. Just before we started the wallpaper, the room looked like this – pretty much how it looked when we moved in over a year earlier (what!?) except for the addition of the loft bed which we inherited from some friends (their little guy had become a big guy and outgrown it). I have plans to paint the bed as well (is nothing safe around me) and you can get an idea of my vision in the mood board above.

Anyway, on to what the room looked like before…

Poor kid. If Pepto-Bismal was blue, it would be this shade. Enough said. We didn’t paint it this colour (to state the obvious).

It’s been fun watching the cute teal dresser (which looked so perfect in Chace’s last room) clash with the Pepto-Bismal-Blue walls all year. And that closet organization… exactly, what closet organization? That ‘system’ was coming out too. It might have been fine for a teenager (the previous owners had teen boys) but it wasn’t working for my seven-year-old. He couldn’t reach the bar to hang his clothes up and the small side shelves were really awkward (and installed wrong). The ‘lip’ of the shelf pointed up so you had to slide things on and off the shelf via the right hand side only. Awkward.

So, fast forward to me roping my dad into helping. Here he is in action.

It was actually a group effort as it required my mom and I holding the paper up while my dad installed it horizontally. A bit tricky, but doable. After he had each strip up, we wiped out all the bubbles and excess water. We took our time and ensured that each strip stayed in place without slipping down the wall as we did each row. The end result was really smooth with nice tight seams.

Here it is complete! Next up was painting those blue walls. I removed all the outlet covers (and random shelves for 7′ 5″ giants (also not installed by us) and got to painting. The paint I used was a colour from Home Depot (chosen to coordinate with the light tones in the wallpaper) but I ended up using Dulux paint as they had a two for one promo running. Unfortunately I didn’t get my paint chip back so I’m not sure of the exact shade name.

Here is a close up of the wallpaper. It looks out of focus and blurry but it actually isn’t. The wallpaper is done that way on purpose to add depth. If you run your hand across the wallpaper it actually has texture too so looks quite realistic in person. You can see the seam below as well if you look closely (just below the bottom of the middle ‘plank’) but in person it is pretty much invisible.




The room feels a lot brighter now with the addition of the light paint. Ignore the bed in the middle of the room, it was next on my hit list (paint!) so we left it there so I could work on it.


Chace loves it, and Chef Kev and I are smitten as well. Belle (the dog) could care less. We never consult her anyway.

Next up is:
– painting the bed
– installing a reading light
– getting a desk and chair
– putting up curtains and a curtain rod
– making that closet work
– art and accessories
– update the overhead light fixture

Still a ways to go but coming together. I’ve actually done a few of the above items already and hopefully can post them up soon!

Stay in touch and follow along…