We’ve made a few small updates to the office / bonus room over the last while and I realized I hadn’t really blogged about them, so this post is a bit of a mish-mash to bring you up to speed!

I’ve shared our vision and layout ideas for this space on the blog quite a few times, but if you’ve missed them, feel free to read about it here. It may make some of my ramblings here make sense.

The most recent update – which I did share – was our murphy bed. I wrote about in this post.

And our large double desk was freshly stained when you last saw it here

We’ve been using the desk for a few months now and it works great. Currently it is looking like this…

Okay, not a glamour shot but real life. We have yet to add artwork above the desk and of course, update the chairs (I know right? Imagine, an old dining chair and mismatched office chair not playing nicely together), but I have ideas for both. I am just waiting for the right time (and money) to do those updates, but when I do I think they will go a LONG way to making that side of the room look a lot more finished (and aesthetically pleasing). But, for now, it works. So we can work. On the computer(s).

Better than this view right? We’ve come a long way (baby).

One thing that IS currently doing it for me can be found on the desk. Our new matching lamps! I got them for my birthday and they are the Ranarp lamp from Ikea.

I love the matte white finish, the gold detailing and the black and white striped cord cover.

Ooh la la. If a lamp could be sexy, well, you’re looking at her.
Moving on.
I wanted something that wasn’t your traditional “clunky” office furniture (read boring/generic, fugly and badly designed) to house our cords, manuals, paper and printer . What I found was this refinished MCM credenza on Craigslist.

I cut some holes in the back for ventilation (with a hole saw drill bit) and it now hides our printer.

The cords are hidden as well as I’ve snaked them along the top of the baseboard in a cable hide channel. It is adhesive in the back so sticks right to the wall.

In the drawers we have your usual office-type things – cables, paper, binders, notebooks, magazines etc.


I love the vintage details on the credenza.

On the wall as as you enter this room, we have put our old love seat. At our last house it was in our family room but it was too small for our current family room so we replaced it with a small sectional sofa. In this space it offers some softness to the room which currently if full of a lot of hard elements. Plus, it’s a great place to sit (duh).

I moved in a side table that we had too and also a large plant.

Here is how that corner looks when the murphy bed is down.

And this is the scene when you try to take photos and your seven-year-old comes up with a new fun game called “Run through Mommy’s photos while squealing with delight”. Apparently all the cool kids do it.

So, there we are. Small updates but the room is taking shape.

Looking back at the ‘to do’ list I posted in our Settling In post, we are slowly but surely making progress!

office side:
  • double desk
  • new office chairs
  • craft island
  • credenza
  • not on the original list but added: desk lamps
other side
  • murphy bed
  • fold up table and chairs? (for games)
  • area rug
  • not on the original list but added: couch, plant, side table


as well as
  • window treatments
  • update ceiling llighting
  • decor/art
  • door hardware
Stay in touch and follow along…