Ugh. January 28. I hate January 28.

Today is the third year anniversary of my sister’s death. We lost her in 2013 after a horrible, long, painful and heart wrenching battler with cancer.

I. hate. that. disease.

However, when I think of my sister – Tanya – the images that come to mind aren’t the long days filled with pain, medication and sorrow. They are the happy times. And I am so thankful that they flood my memory and push the painful ones to the far, far recesses.

My sister was so, so sweet. She loved everything and everyone. She’d buy gift cards and flowers “just because”. She’d call “just to say hi”. She lived her life simply and her heart was filled with good.

So. Much. Good.

I miss her every day single day. I miss all the little things. The way she’d smile at me. Driving together in the car. Going to Starbucks. Sipping coffee. She sure loved her coffee. One of the many things we had in common.

My sister was plain and simply, lovely.

So, to mark this day and remember her in a ‘beautiful’ way as we approach the month/season of love, I made a little printable. I love printables and use them as decor all over my home. This one will take a special place on my kitchen counter, next to the coffee pot where I can see it each day.

Feel free to download one here. Simply save to your computer and print on a colour printer.

For all you coffee lovers out there. xo.


Tanya and I at my bridal shower in 2006.

UPDATE: Here it is all framed and pretty!


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