If anyone is like me, once you remove all of your Christmas decor your house can look kind of bare. As nice as it is to have a fresh clean slate for the new year, the emptiness can leave your space feeling a bit drab and uninviting.

And, since it’s not quite time to decorate for Valentine’s Day, how do you show your house some love? Get it, love, Valentine’s Day… oy.

I like to decorate minimally with natural elements and fresh greens (shades and plants/flowers). Here is an example of what I did with our entrance one all the Christmas hub-bub was packed up for the year.

This table is set up right off our entry as you head down the hall towards our kitchen/family room. It is one of the first areas you see as you come in so I like to have it styled in some way to welcome people.

Plus, let’s be honest, I just like doing it. Seriously, it has me like…


Dancing aside (can you call that dancing?) here is a closer look at what I have going on.

The beer growlers are a nod back to the city where we used to live. Craft breweries are becoming increasingly popular out here (and everywhere I think) so when we moved to a different city good friends of ours gifted ChefKev with these for his birthday. Man loves his beer and this place is SO good. I love having them out on display. Plus, I covet (read: secretly pet and rub my face on) the rustic feel and the colours. I smudged out some of the details so that not everyone in the whole wide interweb knows where we live.

Beside these, I have three little potted plants which are actually left over from my Christmas table. I went for a rustic, wintery natural theme and found these little guys at a local grocery store. They had small red and white scarves tied around the neck of each mason jar and small wooden Christmas shapes (tree, reindeer etc) tied to the necks as well. I simply removed those Christmas elements to use them here.

Just past that is a tea light candle holder in the shape of a log.

I love the mercury glass vibe that it is loggin‘ rockin’.

Moving along we have a decorative lantern and art print.

I swap out art for each season in this frame. I display it by simply propping the frame up in this corner and securing the top with a 3M Command picture hanging strip (obsessed, I use these EVERYWHERE) to prevent it from sliding down (just for extra security).

I usually just hit up Pinterest and search “free printables”. That is where I found this one. I can’t seem to  locate it again though to sight a source. Argh.

I’ve had this lantern for years. Currently there is a bark candle in it that has long since been used up. However, I love the sparkly bark exterior so just place a battery operated tea light in it to give the illusion of a flickering flame. It creates a similar glow so it works!

Hanging beside it all is my porthole mirror. I found it last year at Homesense.

I’m obsessed with the finish. All rustic and patina-like. Meow.

And last but not least, the bottom shelf holds a wicker basket which is a catch-all for keys, sunglasses, gum etc. Beside that is a small growler know as a Boston… but I prefer to call it a Lady Growler since it’s lady sized. Keepin’ it classy.

Do any of you change your decor to something neutral between holidays? Anyone else do a happy dance when decorating. Oh the looks from Chace and Chef Kev… and the side-eye from Belle (our dog)… but they love me anyway.

Stay in touch and follow along…