There are a few areas of our new house that remain unpacked for logistical reasons and our office/craft/bonus room is one of them. As such, it’s taken priority.

On the top floor we have a large room which was labelled as the “bonus room” on our walk through. It is in addition to the three bedrooms but instead of carpeting it has laminate flooring. It has a much different feel than a bedroom and was previously set up as an awkward TV room. Here is how it looked on our first house showing.

As you can see, it is a large room and is flooded with natural light. We thought it would be the perfect spot for our office and a craft/bonus room. It’s a large enough space to hold two ‘zones’.

The desk from our old house didn’t work in this space so I sold it on Craigslist. I sold the old printer station too.

And you may recall these photos from last week when I shared that the room was this current hot mess.

Ah, the sweet smell of transition.

As annoying as this was is to a neat freak like me, it was actually relatively organized (the boxes were in ‘zones’). But most importantly, we had a plan.

Here is a rough (not to accurate scale but so you get the idea) floor plan for this room.

As you can see, we are going to build a double desk which will run along the back wall. Rounding out the “office” portion of the room we will have a credenza to hold our printer and office supplies. As well, we will have a craft island which will most likely be on wheels so that it can be moved as needed.

The recessed area to your immediate left as you walk into the room is the perfect spot to install a murphy bed. With Chef Kev’s relatives overseas and in other provinces, it is really important to us to have a few extra beds. We want to make sure we can comfortably sleep anyone who is passing through for a visit! Since the craft island will be on wheels, we can move it when the bed is down and in use.

This leaves us with a great open space as well. We see getting a games table and/or using it for some extra crafting or project space.

Here is a mood board showing you the feel of what we are hoping to achieve.

image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6(me) 7
As you can see, I am planning on using a few different tones of wood, and balancing that with white and the light wall colour. I also plan on using blue as an accent shade. 
I have started work on our office chairs and let me just tease you – it involves spray paint! Crazy I know, but just wait. The mood board photo is a lighter shade than I have in mind, but I still think that shade is uber pretty.
I also have plans to feature some large art. I took a great beach photo in England last summer and want to blow it up for some bright, large-scale impact.
Chef Kev has been busy assembling our desk bases and as of last night, this is how we were looking. 
The drawer units are these Ikea Alex ones here and here.
Needless to say, we still have a LOOOOONG way to go, but things are happening folks! 
Stay in touch and follow along…