See what I did there? ‘art’ instead of ‘heart’. Ahh… never mind.

But speaking of art, that’s the topic of today’s post!

Not long ago, I shared Chace’s new bedroom dresser that I scored for cheap on Craigslst and refinished with chalk paint. It replaced two dressers that were along that wall. Originally we used the dressers as a diaper change station as well (see that here). A few years ago I created some cute robot art that hung above one of the dressers.

Well, now that Chace is WAY past the diaper stage (ThankYou.ThankYou.ThankYou) and we have a new sheriff dresser in town, the babyish robot art wasn’t quite working anymore.

Hi little guy. Bye little guy.

Hello new gallery wall for my budding five-year-old artist!

I was originally thinking I might put some quirky animal prints up on this wall but when I came across these picture frames last week I quickly changed my focus. Chace comes home with new art daily (which I love) and I had been thinking it would be nice to find a way to feature it. So when I spotted these frames that were made for interchanging art I quickly scooped four of them up.

They open easily at the top and have an affixed bulldog clip to make switching out art really easy (which I will detail below). The frames are from Real Canadian Superstore.

But first I needed to hang them. I knew I wanted to centre them above the dresser so I started by measuring the dresser length: 64″. Then I measured the width of each frame: 11.75″. I had four frames so had a combined frame width of 47″. Subtracting 47″ from 64″ I was left with 17″. I divided that by 5 (I wanted equal spacing between each frame and also on the left and right) and was left with 3.4″.

I grabbed my laser level and aimed it across the wall at a height of 68″. As a general rule the middle of artwork should be about 5′ from the ground. Since my frames are 15″ tall I added half of that height – 7.5″ – to five feet (60″) and then just rounded up half an inch to 68″.

Then I marked the wall based on my math.

To hang them, I used my trusty Command picture hanging strips from 3M which I have blogged my love for in the past (no, this post is not sponsored I am just obsessed with this product). I seriously wish I had invented these. I also removed the screws on the back of the frames so that they would sit flush to the wall.

To easily place the art inside, the frame opens in the front by lifting the top edge which slides out the sheet of plexiglass.


Then I had Chace choose four pieces of art and clipped each one in.

The bulldog clip is attached to the back of the frame which makes switching art a really easy process – I don’t even have to take the frame off the wall!

And then I simply hung them all up.

As for what art Chace chose? I’m glad you asked.

First up we have a daycare project which asked Chace what he wanted to be when he grew up. The answer, “a chef’! I guess he was inspired to be like daddyChefKev.

Next we have a picture that Chace drew for me. Inspired by his love of the show Cake Boss, Chace drew me a dog cake with a candle in it and a heart. Picture Perfect! That’s how we roll BAYBEE! (that was Buddy talking incase you weren’t sure).

Following that we have a colourful Octopus and some 8’s – a workbook page that Chace brought home from daycare.

And last but not least we have a cute clover. May the luck of the Irish be with us.

As Chace creates new art that he wants to feature, we simply swap one out!


And Chace is pretty proud of his new gallery wall. I’d even go so far to say he ‘arts’ it. See what I did there again?

Any new art creations in your home? Do you have a gallery wall or special spot for displaying children’s art? I think this has seriously given the fridge a run for its money.

Stay in touch!