Happy Monday! This is an oldie but a goodie! With Canada Day just around the bend I thought I’d repost this July 2012 post (say that five times fast) as I have seen a lot of traffic (via Pinterest) to it over the last week. It’s a fun Canada Day inspired drink – enjoy!

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This Sunday is Canada Day – which is quite appropriate given that I’m Canadian ;). … So here’s a little idea that you may enjoy tipping back as you tip your hat to this great country.

Now I don’t think I need to point out the obvious, but you probably notice that this drink is layered in red and white – just like our amazing Canadian flag. How patriotic! And gorgeous. And tasty!

I can’t take full credit for this idea though. This morning as I was feeding my little guy breakfast I had the ‘Today Show’ on in the background. Given that July 4th is coming up, they were doing a segment on entertaining ideas for the holiday. They featured an amazing layered red, white and blue drink. I thought, “hey, I want to try that” so I went to their site looking for some direction.

What I found was a section linking to favourite pinterest inspired July 4th ideas and I found the inspiration for the drink I saw – which led me to this site.

So, I got started.

What you will need for this is:
Sprite Zero
Cranberry Juice

First I filled my glasses about 1/3 full of ice.

Then I filled each cup about 1/3 full of cranberry juice.

Then I added a bit more ice and begain to layer. I poured in another third of Sprite Zero. The key to layering is to pour your second beverage DIRECTLY on to an ice cube so that it does not mix into the cranberry juice.

You can see the Sprite Zero hitting the ice cube above.

Here they all are with their second ‘white’ layers.

So then I went to add another layer of red cranberry juice.

FAIL! flopzilla. mixville.

I think what happened here is that the layers mixed because the sugar in my cranberry juice, was denser/heavier than the sugars in my pop. There is a note about drink sugars here. I thought I had covered my bases, but apparently not.

Oh well, on to plan B.

I cut up some strawberries and created a new red layer! They didn’t sink down as I was careful when placing them and made sure they sat on top of the ice.

And when that was all said and done we had this!


I must admit, I drank the one that I messed up as I typed this post. Delicous!

I’ll save the two pretty ones for Chef Kev and Chace 🙂

Have a wonderful and safe long weekend everyone. We’re off to do some fun things around town and celebrate a good friends’ birthday.

And probably drink a few more of these no doubt.

Stay in touch!