Happy weekend everyone!

I know that Valentine’s Day has passed, but as promised by my sneak peek (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook), I still had one more Valentine’s idea to share.
I whipped up some fun little Valentine’s for Chace’s teachers last minute!
As you can see, it’s a simple little monster, holding a big heart. In the centre of the heart I placed a chocolate heart which I attached with a glue gun. I made sure to only use a tiny bit of glue (so as not to melt any chocolate) and made sure the foil around the chocolate was nice and closed on the back. 
If you’d like to make your own next year, I created a printable as well. 
You can download it here.
I did some with gold hearts too – just for variety 🙂
And that’s it. Super simple – and cute!
I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and are busy enjoying your weekend.