Ah yes, Spring is here. Now doesn’t this image just scream “Spriiinnnng!”

No? I agree. It screams “mama’s been kinda busy”, actually if it were screaming it would be more like “MAMMA’S BEEN KINDA BUSY!” but I don’t like to yell. What you are looking at here are the remnants of my Christmas planter (I didn’t blog about it this year but it looked basically like this). Now, in my defense this is from about a month ago (so late March isn’t too bad is it)? Okay, it is.

Chace and I set out to give this planter a Spring overhaul. First we removed all the dead foliage and thinned out the branches drastically. Then Chace worked his magic moving the dirt around. Nothing like putting your (almost) four year old to work. And don’t you love the outfit he picked out? Priceless.

Once Chace had filled his time card we turned our attention to the flowers I had purchased. My birthday is mid-March and my sweet coworker bought me a gift card to a garden centre near my office (thanks Sharon)! I picked up these 6 plants on my lunch break a day or two before the big dig.

I’m sorry that I can’t recall the names for all of these but basically I picked up some ground cover, some heather (the purple one), decorative grass, a succulent variety, and some violas.

Then we began planting. I let Chace help by telling me which one he wanted to plant next and I helped chose where to put them.

I tried to place the plants in an arrangement that would add interest from each angle you viewed the planter at. For example, I put the succulent near the side of the planter where the door is as it is small so you may not notice it if tucked in back. I also put the heather to the far right as it is large and colourful so adds a nice ‘frame’. I put the grass near the succulent as I loved the play of texture. And the ground cover and flowers I tucked throughout to add diversity and interest.

Then my helper cleaned up. If anyone is looking, he charges $10/hr. All calls go through his momager.

This angle makes him look so tall!

Speaking of angle, this one here had a good one. She did nothing but look at me like this and try to get me to throw her ball for her. Get to work Belle. Shameless.

Once we were all done we had a planter that was ready to start growing. Now it feels like Spring!

As mentioned, I did this about a month ago and grow she did! Here is how she was looking last night when I snapped a few quick pics…

The flowers are loving their new homes and I am loving the colour and life.

This succulent is just so succulent. Sorry, had to be said.

Well, that put a little spring in my step – har har. There is something so refreshing about flourishing flowers. Gotta love ’em.

And the planter-o-shame is but a distant memory (albeit one with photographic evidence).

What about you guys? Get up to any spring cleaning inside or out? I love Spring cleaning/organizing.  I get a real itch this time of the year. Nothing is safe. I’m talking to you garage. You’ve been warned.