I know, I know, I have been a horrible blogger lately. But I’m still here. I seriously have a million things I could post about, but seem to lack the time involved in getting them up on the ‘ol interweb. Picture my head hung in shame.

Speaking of pictures – one of besties had a baby girl (Juliette – how sweet is her name!?) two weeks ago and this past Tuesday Juliette’s mommy humoured me and allowed me to get snap happy while immersing myself in that new baby smell. Seriously, the smell. It’s right up there with the smell of freshly ground coffee. A drug I tell ya.

So, I’m by NO means a professional photographer (I’m a Graphic Designer) but do love playing with my camera and love taking photos. I enjoy a challenge so wanted to see if I could get some good shots that would make the new mommy proud.

I made a quicky pinterest board to see if there was any certain style she may like in particular. My pins were mostly from Bower Power Photography (Katie writes one of my favourite blogs) and Mikaela Ruth Photography (sidenote, Chef Kev used to play soccer with Mikaela’s husband) because they are really talented girls who shoot inspiring photos.

Camera in one hand, a basket in the other, and sushi in the other (figure that one out) I showed up ready to do my best. I have a Canon T2I and most of these pics were taken using my favourite ‘nifty fifty’ lens. For those not familiar, this lens is awesome for taking portraits. If you want a shallow depth of field (where your subject is in focus but the background blurs out) then take a look at this lens. It is a ‘fixed’ lens (meaning you can’t zoom in and out) but perfect for this kind of application

The shots were okay straight after the camera but a little photoshop never hurt anyone. I did some retouching and cropping to some of Juliette’s mommy’s faves and you can easily see how post-production can have a huge impact on the final product.

Juliette, thank you for being such a sweet little baby and talking your mommy into letting me take your picture!