Sorry, just channeling my inner Ke$ha (minus the raunchiness).

But, speaking of Tocks, what is this space here missing?

ShizzBLAM! 100 points if you guessed a CLOCK.

Now let me wicka-wicka-reeeewinnnnd.

This is our master bathroom. When I get ready in the morning Chef Kev is still fast asleep. As a result I keep the master bathroom door closed and find myself constantly peeking out of the bathroom to check the time on the alarm clock on my nightstand. Annoying. I found myself constantly thinking ‘hey, I should get a clock in here’…

So I did.

Might just be the best $9 I ever spent. Thank you Real Canadian Superstore.

I especially like the lightly brushed finish on the frame.

Now, since I’ve invited you in to my bathroom, I should offer you the courtesy of a tour (aka, turning around).

I did touch on our master bathroom WAY back in this post but here are a few pictures as I’m sure many of you have never seen it before.

I think most of this is pretty self-explanatory but I’m sure I’ll ramble about it anyway. The only really major change we’ve made since we moved in is the blue paint. It used to be fire engine red. It made me kind of angry. It had to go. Now she feels much calmer… (the bathroom AND me).

So, to state the obvious, here are a few towel hooks right outside of the shower…

And the shower itself. She’s a biggin’.

Turning around you will see the ‘sink and mirror wall’. Complete with ugly tile counter that shows every single mark and water drop. That is my way of saying that we did not do that ‘upgrade’. If I had an unlimited budget it would be gonzo.

A few other little touches that I do like… starting with our little ‘his’ and ‘hers’ hand towel hooks that I picked up when we visited England in 2008.

The ‘soothe’ sign that sits next to the ‘renew’ one you saw earlier…

I should paint those with the same white as the panelling shouldn’t I? They look a bit off-white but in reality aren’t/shouldn’t be.

Here is the funky ‘stem’ of my favourite pedestal mirror. I love this mirror so much that I actually bought it before I ever purchased my first place. And I still love it all these years later.

Chef Kev bought me a large jewellery case a few years back for Valentine’s Day (you can see it above next to the sink). I especially love the delicate little knobs…

And on top of that sits my pretty collection of perfume. And of course, I work in a perfume-free office.

Ha. Oh well. I can wear it on weekends. You know, for when I do laundry and dishes.

I hope you enjoyed this random virtual tour through my bathroom. I’m so glad you could stop by? Awkward… Umm, I’ll just end with another Ke$ha quote from the post title song.  “Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”. Oh man. Still awkward isn’t it…

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