Making of the Mantel: 2012 Edition.

The mission – should I choose to accept it – (um, yes please) was to make my mantel merry and bright.

Merry – check.

Bright – check.

Mission accomplished.

Like my Christmas mantel last year, I started with a large piece of feature art and built out from there to support it. See how I turned a tea towel into my big piece of art here.

Pulling back from there, here is what I did on the right hand side.

First I draped a few garlands (snowflakes and shiny beads) loosely across the front. Then I put out my little silver ‘twig’ reindeer.

Beside Twiggy, I placed a ridiculously large mercury glass artichoke and beside that I placed Sparkle (who I blogged about fixing last year).

Past Sparkle I have a few votive holders as well as a fun mirrored snowflake.

Here is what the left side looks like. You’ll see Chace’s stocking…

As well as one of my favourite ornaments beside another sparkly reindeer and shiny dove.

Watching over Chace’s stocking is this acrylic penguin…

Behind him you will see a pillar candle holder (sans candle because I just like the shape as is) and some more tea light holders…

And there we have it!

Although not technically part of mantel, I can’t help but give a shout out to the polar bear in the foreground aptly named Plumpy (by me).

I mean dude couldn’t even bother to sit up straight for the picture. Lazy bear.

And in the corner are my white log vases which I used recently for my Autumn mantel here.

So, like the presents under my tree, that’s a wrap! All ready for Santa’s arrival!

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