Okay, so this post does not involve any dishes. BUT it does involve tea towels. And one specific pretty one at that!

While browsing in Homesense a few weeks ago, my eyes found this 3-pack of tea towels for $6.99. I instantly fell in love with the grey one featuring the ornaments.

There is no way THAT tea towel deserves to see the inside of a sippy cup – especially boasting that sparkly silver pinstripe and glittery white ornament.

As I sat petting the tea towel in the store (#don’tjudgeme) I thought, “this is so beautiful it should be framed. It would look awesome on my black mantel for Christmas”.

I think you can see where this is going.

Ya I did! I framed a tea towel. Are you ready for this jelly?

Last year was the first year that I got to dress my ‘newly’ painted black mantel for Christmas. With the black being so graphic and bold it was fun to dress it up with a large scale print and glittery decorations – see last year’s mantel here. When I saw this tea towel I knew it could look stunning as this year’s feature. And where else can you find a “print” for $2.33 ($2.60 with tax if we’re being technical).

Here is a better shot of all the shimmer and glitter that this little tea towel holds.

That’s one fabulous tea towel. It’s so fabulous I bet Cee Lo Green would turn it into an outfit for the Voice – either that or make it his new pet.

It’s quite large (awesome) so to frame it I used a silver 20.5″ x 28.5″ Ribba frame from Ikea.

Okay, answer me this? Why do frame mats never come in white? They are always an ugly off-white. Argh. I have spray painted one in the past – and this one I painted too. Such a pet peeve. Consider this my official plea to frame mat makers everywhere – WHITE. Thank you.

I didn’t have any white spray paint so I just used what I had on hand – leftover from  here. FYI – the spray paint worked better but this did the trick (if in a pinch).

With that done, I left it to dry and went to iron my tea towel. Once I had all the creases out I laid it flat on the table and placed my (now dry) mat over it to arrange the composition I liked. I preferred the ornaments to be off centre just for some visual interest.

Because it is hard to line something like this up from the back, and impossible to flip over while keeping it all in place, I came up with a little system where I  lifted two of the corners and inserted a little roll of masking tape to ‘tack’ the mat in place.

Then I could easily flip it over and tape it on the back.

Then all that was left to do was pop it into the frame and admire it!

Here is shot of it resting against our coffee table (complete with Harold the Helicopter toy, blankie and tent for your enjoyment) so that you can see how large in size it is.

I’m really looking forward to doing my Christmas mantel now! Currently my fall mantel décor is still up so I can’t show you how this looks up there yet – but soon!

Look at that pretty sparkle and fabric texture!

I know that framing fabric is not a new concept but what I love about this tea towel is that it has the extra little pizzaz that rolls of fabric may not – and it’s not a repeating pattern as is so common with large loom rolls.

How about you? Ever framed a tea towel? Anything else out of the ordinary? Found yourself petting unlikely items in the middle of a store? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

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