Want to see what I got up to on Saturday night? Warning – it’s pretty X-Rated. As in X = wrong. Bad. Solution required.

I organized.

It was a party.

I was the only one invited.

Contain your excitement.

In an attempt to stop the dining room table being a dumping ground (you know, so we can actually eat dinner there) I had to find a new spot for the biggest culprit – my laptop. I usually take it with me to work so when I bring it home, it generally gets parked on the dining room table and used throughout the evening/weekend many times.

It needed a home. A new one.

And this mess needed to be cleaned up.

I like things being tucked away, Chef Kev likes them out in the open and accessible so the cooking oils and utensils had to stay. The cookbooks also needed to stay on the counter (by request). The doggie treat canister gets used daily (lucky Belle) so that made sense to stay as well. The canisters got moved to the ledge above the stove and the phone also stayed where it was due to the phone jack being right there. The espresso machine is too big to tuck away anywhere else. But it all could be tidied up some.

But look to the top far right at my dirty not so little (or hidden) secret.

Totally my fault. Look closer at Casa Clutter over there.

But don’t dare open it unless you brace yourself for the avalanche.

Holy CARP (yes, I mean the fish). Do you like my collection of vases (original purpose) plastic plates, cutlery, bubbles, outdoor toys, things that I thought were too small for a baby (now a toddler) and miscellaneous ‘decor’ finds? No? Me neither.

This needed to become a home office station STAT.

After some serious Saturday evening organizing I filed everything into their rightful home – bubbles and outdoor toys to the outdoor storage bins, paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery to my storage elsewhere which housed their ‘friends’ and the once-too-small-kids-toys-now-okay-for-toddler got put into the potty training prize jackpot.

The large vases and decor items got relocated to our closet that has new shelving (via Chef Kev) for safe (non-avalanche inspired) keeping.

And since I was on a roll, I thought I better tackle this ‘issue’ as well.

double CARP (two fishies).

Too make a long Saturday evening short, this got a major file and in the end this drawer holds a few misc. household items – removable hooks, tape, candles etc. but most importantly, I finally created a usable system for the danged CABLE STORAGE PROBLEM!

Oh label maker, you make me so happy.

At the end of my organizing rampage spree, I had a nice new TIDY home for my laptop to be parked each night. I still take it up to my office when I do design work and plug it into my larger monitor but for all the other little things I use it for, this is great. Plus the perfect spot to charge it each evening.

In the boxes you see through the frosted glass are small home decor items (napkin rings, tea light candles, small candle holders etc) as well as all of my ‘office’ type stuff that I need on hand – lap top case, note paper, back up drive etc.

The mat below is where we feed Belle.

And the nice thing is if I do need to sit for a quick moment, I just turn the chair around and make my self comfy.

I had everything on hand so this was a nice and easy free makeover. yippee!

Things that are uncluttered seriously make me very, very happy.

And, because I was having such a rocking night, I went on to make Chace’s Halloween Haunted House after all of this.

I told you I lead a pretty exciting life. So different than my Saturday evenings of 5 or 10 years ago… But I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂

What about you? Any quicky clean ups that went a long way in your mind? Do you have a computer ‘station’ that is easily accessible? Any vase/decor related avalanches at you place? Do tell!