If you were to walk in our front door right now, this is what you’d see.

But then you’d see my sitting at the dining room table in my pajamas (on my laptop) and quickly turn and leave (good choice).

So, to save you the awkwardness of walking out on me in my t-shirt and pajama bottoms I’ll break down the little autumn decorating party that Chace (my three year old) and I threw tonight (no hats, no games, no cake = lame party in the mind of a toddler). Woops. Better like next time Chacey.

The inspiraton was this awesome subway art (downloadable here from eighteen 25) that I simply framed (VERY simply) in a frame I had on hand. I say ‘very simply’ as you will see it doesn’t quite fit right but I kind of like that sliver of creamy matt. It plays off the gold text. I also like the fact that the frame is a bit beaten up – nice and rustic.

I actually used another one of Eighteen 25’s amazing subway art creations back on my Christmas mantel last year too. Love them!

Then I simply put out an assortment of Autumn coloured candles. You should smell it in here (too bad you left so quickly). It smells like Pumpkin Pie and Spice Latte had a baby and named it Harvest Apple. I could make a joke here about a kid named Apple but I did that last time. Awkward. What’s up with that?

To add some texture, I took some small frames I had on hand and thought, hey, I could make these into candle coasters!

So I trimmed up some scrapbook paper…

Removed the backs of the frames (so they would lay flat) and added the paper behind the glass. Allow my assistant to demonstrate…

When we were done, this is how the other one looked.

You may have noticed, but our front hall table is actually an old sewing machine that I got with my dad back at an auction 11 years ago (and restained here). At that same auction I also got an old crockery jug that worked nicely with the little vignette I was creating.

Looking back at the door you see my wreath and cool black bamboo. The black bamboo is a gift from Chef Kev’s co-worker Ellen (Thanks Ellen!) who thought of me while helping her daughter cut some down. So sweet!

My helper assisted in assembling the bamboo. Note the different pair of pajamas than seen in the picture above. We are potty training. Say no more.

I made the wreath a few years back by twisting together two long faux berry garlands that I bought at Michaels (craft store).

And a few pictures of it all lit and glowy. Since you ran out so quick and all…

So what about you? Done any completely free entry way makeovers lately? Started your Autumn decorating? Had a helper who burned through two pairs of PJ’s like it was nobody’s bidness? Do share!

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