Similarly to how I added new art to our living room (in the form of the painting I did of Chace), I decided to update the art that hung over our leather chair in the family room off the kitchen – and was able to do it for free!

Here is what it looked like before. This is an old picture – I’ve since redone that tray table – which has since moved to a different location. And Chace’s high chair (in the background) is now in storage (sniff) but you get the idea…

Now this same corner looks like this…

Nothing drastic – but still nice.

As mentioned, it was a free makeover as I already owned the frames (but had nothing in them) and took the photos myself. I actually took them the day after I got my current camera as I was eager to test it out (so that would make it Boxing Day 2009). The photos were taken in the forest behind our home. Can’t beat that for location and price!

Here is a closer image of them both.

I simply printed each photo out on our home colour printer and trimmed off the white margin.Then I mounted each on a piece of black paper to creat a matt. I then mounted that on the matt that came with the frame.

And since it’s really hard to take a clear photo of a photo, here are the two shots that I have in the frames.

One of the speedest art upgrades in history!
What about you – ever made a new display with what you had on hand? Taken photos and used them as art? Gotten sentimental about seeing a snippet of your son’s high chair in an old photo? No. Just me then I guess ;).