Last night I made Chace (my three-year-old) a special little treat.

That’s right. I made him a sweet (ha, get it) ice cream clown – in honour of him running away to join the circus… might have been kidding about that last part.

And as you can most likely tell, it was very easy to make.

First I simply melted some chocolate (I used Aero bars) in a homemade double boiler. If you don’t own a double boiler you can acheive the same effect by filling a pot about 1/4 full of water and resting a stainless steel bowl over the opening (like a lid). Once the water in the pot begins to boil, your chocolate will melt nice and evenly. Stir the chocolate though so it does not scorch.

Once melted, I twirled the open end of my cone in the chocolate.

And then twirled it once more in a bowl of sprinkles.

With my ‘hat’ made I moved on to Mr. Clown’s ice cream face.

To stop it from melting all over the plate I scooped a small scoop into a little condiment bowl and then stacked another small scoop on top of that. Then I topped it off with my waffle cone hat and made a face with Runts candy. I love how the hat hangs over the back as seen above.

What a ‘sweet’ (stop me now) little face.

I quickly snapped a bunch of photos as my time was limited. For obvious reasons – melting ice cream, yes. But someone something much more pressing was waiting in the wings.

Mr. Clown lived a short life but he was well loved.

It was a perfect way to ‘cap off’ (okay, done with those now) a warm summer evening.

I love doing little crafts like this with Chace and marvel at the excitement he gets from such simple things. It’s amazingly beautiful, and innocent, and ‘sweet’ (sorry – had to).

What about you? Any easy to make toddler faves that you want to share? Made any special treats recently? Run away to join a circus as of late? Please share 🙂

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