For those of you following along, you’ll know that this past weekend we escaped for a weekend of R&R to Whistler (see day one here).

Day Two we awoke to SNOW! It looked so beautiful falling lightly down and was just so peaceful. A beautiful silence broken… by a wimpering dog that wanted to go out for a potty break.

So, I bundled myself up and took her out for a nice walk. It was the perfect start to the day. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and so invigorating. But cold… and coffee-less, so after her bidness I continued back inside and set things straight – all while documenting as was my goal this weekend (to play with my camera – as mentioned in my earlier post). Now that’s my idea of a good time 🙂

With the coffee brewing I turned my attention to breakfast. Kevin had brought up an assortment of fruit, cereal and biscuits. Yum!

Aren’t the colours in a fig so pretty? I love the shades of pink, brown, cream and that vibrant green together.

After we relaxed and got our selves ready for the day, we found out the touristy thing we were going to do for the day was closed due to bad weather (there had been some recent storms).

So, Belle (our dog) convinced us that she needed to go out and play in the snow again and we obliged. Kevin walked ahead as I went snap happy with my camera.

I love how these shots look like they are (almost) black and white!

The mist looked really neat as it settled above the tree tops.

Looking back towards the hotel from our lake stroll…

I love how red the branches in the foreground are.

And a ‘happy dog’ shot…

We spent the afternoon doing some more relaxing after this walk (tough life). Then we were off to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

Of course I got sidetracked on my way down by pretty things in the hotel entrance.

Cool table base – so rustic yet modern with the glass top. And I thought the light fixtures were gorgeous. Um, yes please.

Dinner was Ah.Maze.Ing.

Luckily we had finished our main course and I was busy admiring the wine selection when…

we got a call from the front desk that our dog was whimpering loudly and barking up in our room. Oh. Awkward…

So dessert ended up being room service. Luckily they deliver 😉

And I was so enamoured with it that I forgot to take a picture. Woops.

Hopefully tomorrow on day three :).